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The Friedlander Piano Studio provides high quality training in the study of music for the piano. Everyone here is committed to making sure the students learn the most effective and musical way to play. We give our best to our students and in return we expect regular practice and full preparation for lessons. Please make sure your child has a tuned instrument in good repair and ample time to practice daily without interruption from siblings, the television, video games or the telephone. If you need the name of a tuner, please ask Mrs. Friedlander.


Payment is to be made at the beginning of the calendar month. During the school year, there is a monthly rate. This is an amortized tuition for the entire school year. All elementary and high school students are required to pay the monthly fee. The school year tuition payments begin August 27, 2018 and run till May 31, 2019. The per lesson rate is, on average, higher and is charged with special consideration only. Remember, we will only provide two makeup lessons per semester. If you have need to miss any more lessons then that, you will be charged for the lessons and they will not be made up. There will be no rescheduling of missed make up lessons.

If you have any questions, ask Mrs. Friedlander.

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